Friday, September 05, 2008

Still bouncing...

Let's see, how have things been going for me at the poker tables since my last post....

$5.50 HORSE tourney with some of the PokerWorks gang - only 11 players, I finished 9th. I didn't play all that well; I haven't played enough HORSE to have a good feel for it.

$3.40 1-table NLHE SNG - finished 3rd for a big profit of $2.00. Hey, I cashed, which has been really rare for me at Stars lately.

Another $3.30 Deep Stack Turbo Knockout 10-table SNG, my favorite kind of tourney these days. Not that I have had a ton of success with them lately, mind you, but they can be fun. I was actually playing in this one while I was writing my last blog entry. Although things started slowly for me, they picked up later and I ended up winning it. Yeah, baby, took it down and fattened my bankroll by more than I had when I bought into the game. Gee but it's nice to have some breathing room in the old roll again. I'm still too short (under $150) to feel comfortable entering any of the regular blogger tourneys, but another couple of decent cashes like that and I ought to be able to join in again.

Friday Night Donkament, $1 + 1 rebuy - I hadn't played in this one in quite a while, and I was glad to be able to jump in again. Only 12 runners, and I had to sit through the usual maniacal play that happens during the rebuy period. That part of the game is my least favorite, because I don't like to throw my money away like so many of the people who enter this tourney, and there is very little actual poker playing going on. I only rebought for $4, and lasted to 5th place. I made at least one bad call which probably cost me a shot at a higher placement.

One more $3.30 DSTKO - only got as far as 13th. I tried to turn up the aggression in a couple of spots but it didn't do me much good this time.

I played a couple of short sessions of nickel - dime - quarter cash games at Stars and Bodog, for a profit of under a buck. Wheee.

Since I am booked for the WPBT Winter Classic gathering in Las Vegas in December, I feel like I should play regularly to make sure I don't get too rusty and embarrass myself more than usual. If I could actually learn to play better, maybe I could garner a modicum of respect from my fellow bloggers. After all, I'm not much of a writer, and I know I'm only a fringe member of this poker blogging group. I suppose if I posted more often, and made an effort to write quality posts, it could conceivably enhance my standing from Z-lister to Y-lister. But that isn't why I should try to write better. It should be for my own growth or to get stuff off my chest or out of my system. If others read it and get something out of it, great.

I'll cough something up here periodically. If you are stopping by to check things out, thanks, and have a great day.