Sunday, May 01, 2011

Cashed out of PokerStars, and booked for WSOP

The good news: PokerStars has opened up their cashier and is processing cashouts for us US players that can't play with our real money on their site any more. I requested my money, and it was deposited in my bank account within a few days. I guess the next time I want to play for actual dollars on PokerStars, it will be when such play has been legalized and making a deposit is no big deal.

The disappointing news: FullTilt has not yet started offering their (former) US players the ability to cash out. I received an e-mail Friday from them saying that they will have a further update this coming week. Why it should take FT so much longer to come up with a means to send US players their money than it took PokerStars, I have no idea. For the sake of all of us who have funds stuck there, especially those who have large amounts coming to them, I hope it isn't too drawn out a process.

Other good news, for me anyway: I have booked my trip to Las Vegas for the 2011 World Series of Poker Seniors event. I arrive Thursday June 16 and fly home Monday the 20th. I will be staying at the Gold Coast, so I will be able to walk to the Rio for the WSOP event, and be just a shuttle ride or car drive away from the Strip if I bust out early and want to hit the town. I saw in a recent comment that Special K is planning to be there for the same event; it will be nice to have a fellow blogger there to meet up with and cheer on, at least until we both get to the final table. Anyone else who will be in Las Vegas during that time, leave me a comment or e-mail me at david dot westbay at verizon dot net if you want to get together.

I have read a couple of interesting articles on line recently which I recommend you check out:

A legal analysis regarding the "Black Friday" indictments, titled US Attorney's Office on Tilt

One about why outlawing online poker is a dumb idea, one titled Can Poker Save the World?

And one on a similar theme from the L.A. Times titled Federal crackdown on Internet poker looks like a relic from the past

I found all three articles through my friend Linda Geenen from PokerWorks.

Anyhow, I'll be playing in as many free bar league tourneys as I can manage between now and the WSOP trip, to get in whatever practice I can. If I can get up to Oklahoma to play some real poker over the next few weeks, I might try to do that too.

Meanwhile, I have signed up for Heffmike's PokerStars play money Home Game club and plan to play in his inaugural tourney tonight. Go to his blog for details on joining the club.