Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sore losers

I read a report on Card Squad about one of Phil Hellmuth's tiresome tirades over getting busted out at the Monte Carlo Millions tournament. Apparently he got short-stacked when his JJ was beat by AK when the K paired. Then he was knocked out when his pocket Queens got beat by a flush that started with his opponent calling his all-in with K6 suited. Phil was quoted as saying:

"I ALWAYS get my chips in when I'm ahead. I come all the way to Monte Carlo & some idiot takes me on with K-6 - it's what I've come to expect, people call just to eliminate me. I'm the best player here, & these idiots can't play the game. I've had to battle against these idiots all my life..."

Speaking as another "idiot" myself, I would like to take a look at what happened and see how "bad" this play was.

First off, if I'm playing anyone who is short stacked and I have a big stack, I don't mind calling an all-in bet (heads-up) with a hand like K6 suited. Sure, I might be behind to start, but if I win, I've eliminated another opponent and moved a step closer to the money. If I lose, I still have a good stack and can keep playing. Don't try to tell me that Phil himself wouldn't make a play like that.

Second, if I'm up against a world-class player like Phil Hellmuth, I am going to take ANY good chance I have to eliminate him. What am I supposed to do, fold all my hands to him just because he's "the best"? I don't WANT to give him any advantages, because eventually he will use them to bust me out. If anything, Phil should feel complimented that other players respect him enough to take a risk in hopes of beating him.

If Phil wants to belittle his opponents during a game, in hopes of putting them on tilt so he can outplay them or force them to make mistakes, I can see that as a fairly legitimate tactic. But ranting after being knocked out just makes him look like a crybaby.

Wil Wheaton wrote a great article about how Phil needs to get over his tantrum throwing and act like an adult. I couldn't agree more. Will Phil ever get his act together? We can only hope.


Joanne1111 said...

I couldn't agree more. He is such an ass.

Matt Silverthorn said...

I was going to write something similar at some point, but I think you said it as well as anyone could. I'm definitely not a fan of his.