Friday, December 02, 2005

Thor strikes!

Last night I didn't get home in time to play in the WWdN West Coast Warm-Up tournament, but I did watch from the virtual rail for a bit, and then played in a side game with some of the tourney players who busted out. We played a $0.01/0.02 NLHE game, which is fun since you can make a bet of any size without worrying about whether it will be as much as your next car payment.

I did OK most of the way, although I didn't get as many good starting hands as I would have liked. I am still working on adjusting my playing style when I switch from limit to no-limit, so I tend to play tighter than I probably should when I'm in a NL game. I managed to make one successful move, though: I finally dropped The Hammer! I was dealt 72o in late position. It was folded around to Wil on my right, who called the 0.02 blind. I raised it 0.10; bdr1968 and bedheadmick called, but Wil folded, calling me a bully. :-) The flop came 9-2-5 rainbow. bedheadmick checks; I bet 0.20 with my bottom pair; everyone folds. I show my Hammer, and everyone applauds. I take my bow, and collect my $0.39. Unfortunately, the Hammer came back to haunt me later when I got QQ, tried to raise Joanne out when the flop came 5-3-6 but got called, then got knocked out when the turn was a 4, she raised me all-in and showed her 7-2 for a (six-card) straight. I should have seen it coming, but was seduced by the Hilton sisters. I have to stop falling for their wiles.

I had a great time in the game, and the chat kept me in stitches the whole time. I look forward to my next chance to play with this fun group of people.

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