Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Live blogging the WWdN penner42 Invitational

I'm going to try live blogging tonight's tournament and see how it goes. Hopefully I won't get so distracted by this that I screw up my playing.

All times Central:

7:30 PM I am at table 16. There are 118 entrants tonight, one of the biggest fields in a WWdN tourney yet.

First hand: AJo in EP. I decide to fold. It's the best I see for a few hands; probably should have played it.

cfinnn is at my table; I've played with her before. The others I don't know.

I have tried to limp into a couple of pots but the flops keep missing me. The others are keeping the action going though.

7:40 I've been moved to a new table. It hasn't helped my starting cards yet. So far the best I have had is KJo in bad position. When am I going to get something decent, like the Hammer?

7:50 I finally win a pot - I get KTo on the button, it's folded to me, I raise 3XBB, the blinds fold. Yippee!

7:59 - Another blind steal, this time with 22. I'm really burning up the felt now. Not.

8:04 - I actually saw a flop that helped me! T7o, caught a T, bet 4XBB, everyone folded. I'm on a roll.... but still below T1,500.

8:10 - I get TT, limp but get min-raised so I call. The flop is 9-X-7; I bet 3XBB, original raiser pops me again. I figure him for a set of 9s, so I fold. When it gets to the river, it turns out he had 7s. Either way, I was glad I folded.

8:20 - I only have 1075 left, blinds are 50/100. I get 99 on the button. I raise it 4XBB, get two callers. Flop is T-J-Q, two spades. I get raised 500. I doubt I am going to last much longer so I push my last 675 and get called by AQ. I don't improve and I'm out. Maybe I should have pushed pre-flop but the AQ probably would have called regardless. Oh well, I blame it on the cards; I got next to nothing worth playing. I should go to bed early anyway, since I am taking my wife to the airport around 4:30 AM. But I find this blogging to be distracting so I don't know if I will be doing much of it in future tourneys, unless I get really good at playing or blogging or, preferably, both.

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