Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Champ vs. Chicks tourney

Tonight, a few female poker players challenged a man who apparently thought that women don't make good poker players, or something like that; I haven't read his whole blog to see what brought this on. But "the champ" was knocked out in grand style by Maudie with this hand, after the champ tried to trap her. Nice hand, ma'am.

I'm sure there will be other blog entries elsewhere about this tourney, which I came in late for. But what I saw of it was pretty entertaining.


AlCantHang said...


Pimpage on the way :)

drewspop said...

Hey Dave, you probably don't remember but you slapped me around last week a bit in the WWdN.

Anyway, I am finally getting to check out your blog and saw your post on the Bud tourney for APL.

I missed the tourney in Mass. because I was on a family vacation, congrats on the big win.

I play regularly also and managed to make the national championship tourney ( The only problem is, no clue when it is going to be.

Where do you play?