Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Poker bloggers rule, especially Texas bloggers

I watched a WPBT WSOP satellite tourney on PokerStars last night, with some of my favorite poker bloggers playing in it. I didn't play myself because I didn't want to pay the $30+3 entry fee for a chance to win a seat at the WSOP that I wouldn't be able to use. My family and I will be on a cruise right in the middle of the WSOP, which is a shame because I would love to go to Vegas and soak up the insanity of that event and meet some of the bloggers that I have only seen on line.

I always enjoy observing the blogger tourneys, even when I'm not playing in them. The players are entertaining to watch, the chat can be hilarious, and I even learn a thing or two from these often quite skilled folks. I celebrate their wins, mourn their bad beats, and groan at their unbelievably numerous suckouts. Last night's game was no exception, with plenty of wild poker action plus amusing banter in the chat windows.

But the really cool thing happened in a tourney that I didn't watch. Fellow Texan Jaxia played in a World Cup of Poker heads-up qualifier game last night, and won it! She will be a member of Team Texas in the next round to qualify for joining Team USA to play in the World Cup championship in Barcelona, Spain later in the year. Congrats to Jaxia, and I wish her good luck in the next round! I'm sure she will represent us well.

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