Monday, July 17, 2006

I joined the Party, and I'm having fun so far

I finally broke down and opened an account at PartyPoker, because I had heard that there are many fish just waiting to be caught there. I've only been playing there for about ten days, but so far the rumors seem to be true. I haven't exactly drained the lake dry, but I am ahead in both my cash game and tourney play there to date.

Tonight I got into a one-table $6 NLHE SNG. The donkeys there surprised me with their goofy play, and once I got some chips I did my best to push them around. I did run TPTK into a set of 3s that broke me down to 750 at one point, but I came back by letting the others make even bigger mistakes. I finished first, which felt nice and gave a nice little boost to the bankroll.

I'll probably play some more on Party and see if I can exploit the poor play there some more, although I will be on PokerStars as well, when I want a bit more of a challenge. If you ever want to look for me on Party, I play under the same ID as at the other sites: yestbay1.

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