Saturday, May 12, 2007

Catching up

I've been on a downswing since my last post. Losing sessions at cash games, finishing out of the money in tourneys. My play has been OK, not too much donking off of my chips. This week I tried a different APL venue in hopes that it wouldn't be as smoke-filled as Willhoite's. No such luck, so I won't be going back there. I'll keep looking.

The Texas bill to legalize poker died in the House when it didn't come up for a vote before the legislative session ended. I'm disappointed, but I guess that's the way politics works.

Because of variance going against me lately, my bankroll at FullTilt is down to the point where I have to play the $1.25 SNGs again. I am in one as I type this. Hopefully I can cash in a few of those and get my roll built up to where I can play in some of the blogger games again. I'm still doing OK at PokerStars and have enough in my account there to play in the Wheaties for a while yet.


Ken Prevo said...

Thanks for pointing out the bad link. Got it corrected.

Sorry to see the bankroll damage. I'm actually having the other problem at the moment -- although I have had the other side as often as not -- and it is just as annoying. I'm trying to get money off a site and there isn't a way as they lost their check processor because of the legislation. I can get the money to eWallet but a single check from them will cost me $150 to process.

In the old, Neteller days you could have moved some cash from one to the other and worked out of the variance. The poker world is full of annoyances.

BrainMc said...

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