Sunday, January 14, 2007

Week Two 2007

Another week is in the books, and a few more games are in my record sheet. I played in a few tournaments but only one session of cash game. I played in my first blogger tourney in a while, the Mookie last Wednesday. My showing was less than stellar: 39th out of 57. But it was fun to get back into one of those games with some familiar names. I did cash in a $11 two table SNG on Full Tilt, finishing fourth. I used most of my $7 profit from that to enter a token satellite on FT today, which I am playing in as I type this. I was chip leader for a while, but lost a couple of pots to drop me down, with the blinds going up. I'm going to have to make a move soon but haven't had any cards to work with lately.

Well, there goes that. UTG, I pushed with KJo, got called by AK. Didn't improve, finished 7th. I was hoping to win a $26 token so I could enter the WPBT tourney later this month. Now I guess I will have to try again for a token (or a cash win) and risk what's left of my miniscule FT bankroll. I'd rather not make more deposits if I can avoid it, but we'll see what happens.

In my one cash game, I played just over a half hour of $0.05/0.10 LHE at PokerStars Friday night, and finished ahead by $1.43. My best hand was when I flopped quad 3s and got a couple of players to stick around for a few more bets. I made some notes on a few players and used the information to my advantage on a couple of hands. I plan to take more notes, especially in the cash games, because I am seeing some of the same players again and again.

I'm not sure if I will play any more today, as I have some other, real life, things I could stand to do.

I will report that I am considering the possibility of going to Las Vegas in June to check out the WSOP. I would probably try to go over the weekend of the blogger gathering, which may be June 7 - 10. I don't have any grand plans of actually playing in any WSOP event(s), but if I were to get lucky enough to come up with the entry fee for one of the smaller events, I would be thrilled to try it, if only to say that I played in the WSOP at least once. And I would love to play in a blogger tourney, or in a tourney with other bloggers if it was a case of storming one of the scheduled casino tourneys. Just meeting some of them in person would be a good time in itself, I expect.

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