Monday, November 10, 2008

Some small successes, and a short break

Last week was a pretty good one for me on the poker front. I made a 50 BB profit playing some cash NLHE, and finished third in the Thursday night Bodonkey game. The cash game was only $0.01/0.02, so my 50 BB gain only came to a buck. But I play so little NLHE ring game that it feels good to know I can outdonk the other microlimit donkeys once in a while.

The Bodog games have been hit and (mostly) miss so far for me, but I hung tight on Thursday and survived a couple of my own misplays to win $50 cash and T$50, for a nice profit in the series so far. Not to mention some leaderboard points towards the TOC in December.

I will miss both Bodog Blogger games this week due to activities with my son's high school marching band. We are going to Indianapolis this weekend for the Bands of America Grand Nationals championship competition. It should be an exciting trip.

See you next week!

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KenP said...

I'm a Hoosier but even I wouldn't call Indy excitement.

It is better than the modest city of my youth.

Although, that did hold the Fox theater. It was the last of the burlesque houses with pasties... and candy dancers hawking sexy thing sharing the box with taffy. Those always disappointed more than the 50ish stripper in the pasties.